Anonymous said: um this is a really awkward question lol but how do you know where to finger yourself? like where is the "hole"? or is it just the whole general clit area aha sorry i'm new to it

the clit is like the bit at the top that you rub which is a kinda hood, you finger yourself in the vagina hole, so basically the only hole it will really go in. Not the bum basically! Unless you like that as well! It’s not hard to find aha, its the hole you would put a tampon in x 

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Anonymous said: i know this sounds really dumb aha but i've never had sex and i was wondering what missionary is? x

basic sex position most people do, guy on top :) x 

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Anonymous said: ok... So this might sound awkward, but I feel like I need to ask it. I am SUPER tight and it hurts really bad to get fingered. How can I fix this?

lube hun x 

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Anonymous said: ~help me. I guy kissed me and he was drunk and i thought it was a weird kiss but i thought he was just drunk. But than anothed guy kissed me and than we make out and it was the same. Kiss is not so special for me.. idk whats wrong w/ me, help?

kissing a random person compared to kissing someone you have feelings for and care for feels very different. Kissing randomers might not feel good because… you don’t like them? x 

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Anonymous said: I'm 14 and I'm not in a relationship with this guy but we sneak away from class and kiss in empty classrooms and stuff but he wants to take it further. (Fingering) I get nervous when we kiss and I think I'll freak out a bit if he fingers me. Plus I think I'm ready but I'm not sure. Should I let him. Or wait for the right guy? There is a place out of school that he wants to go so we can do more but I always bail because I'm so nervous. Help?

if you don’t feel right, don’t do it!!

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Anonymous said: Can we tell you confessions ?

um if you like x 

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Anonymous said: How do I orgasm with him? I have no trouble doing it myself, and what he does is the same as what I do but I can't seem to orgasm with him??

you need to get him to turn you on more, like whatever it is you enjoy maybe kissing or massages or neck biting or ear nibbles, get him to tease you like maybe touch everywhere except there… get him to do it really light and slowly so you want it more, try shit like dat xx 

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Anonymous said: Um how do u kiss a guys neck? Like how do u transition into it


u have to do the hoedown throwdown dance by miley cyrus then suck a lemon then sprinkle salt on your head then do whale noises then ur gd 2 go 

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Anonymous said: Okay, so I masterbate by rubbing my clit and that's all. I wanna try fingering, but I'm scared because I know I'm tight. How do I do it without hurting myself

lube gurlll

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sarasourasrex said: Hi I need some advice, I'm a girl and I'm kinda crushing on my best friend but I've never had feelings for a girl before but I know she probably doesn't feel the same way and I'm scared to ask because she's my other half my best friend and I could never lose her. What do I do!

Do you know if she’s straight or lesbian or anything? are you sure its genuine feelings or is it just you love her so much as a friend? I think if it was me I’d probably tell them but I’m not sure, its a really tough one :( 

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Anonymous said: How do you French kiss?

I think french kissing just means with tongue x 

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