Anonymous asked: How does sperm taste like? Is it gross? Or like idk how does it taste?


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fasshlion asked: Well of course we care about how big dick is. You boys, you care about how big our boobs are right? That's the same thing.

i know a lot of girls who don’t care too much, personally as long as its not ridiculously small i don’t care but thats me. & i also know plenty of guys who don’t care about boob size either, most of the guys i know are ‘bum’ guys aha. Either way at the end of the day i think its all about the person in general, personality and the person as a whole. Everyone’s different x 

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Anonymous asked: the guy i like has a girlfriend and they are together for like 8 months but im so confused, every time when i see him he is flirting with me, mu friends say to me that he is looking at me all the time i was with him this summer in the same place and it was very beautiful.. i dont know what to think about this im really confused

you need to ask him where you stand

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Anonymous asked: Do girls care how big our dick is?

personally i think its about what you do with the dick rather than how big it is, what do you think girls? 

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Anonymous asked: my parents are sooooooo overprotective ! i've been talking to this boy for a while and we both really like each other ( i'm actually planning to ask him out . ) how can i ease my parents into letting me go out on dates and stuff. i've already been on dates, but they're suddenly being overprotective ..

let them meet your guy first :)?

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Anonymous asked: hey i read your blog and i loved it i would like to ask you something, there's this guy which i like him a lot for 2 years we life in different countries but we are together for the whole summer 3 months. when i'm with him he calls me my princess my girl etc but we never kissed i had a chance but i was shy and i didn't kiss him it's the same every year and i really want to be with him if you could give me some advice i would be so happy


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Anonymous asked: I'm 13 and I've orgasmed multiple times. Am I weird or is this healthy and possible?

don’t complain and enjoy yourself aha, yes its fine x 

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Anonymous asked: i am so scared to have sex, my boyfriend and i are really close and i want to do it but i am super scared. i get really horny and we always get close to doing it but i just cant for some reason. have any advice on how to shake the fear off?

don’t do it until you’re ready! You don’t sound ready just yet. For tips on being relaxed though, try having a bath together or getting him to massage you and have slow gentle foreplay x 

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Anonymous asked: I feel like I'm ready for sex and everything, but I have a question. If sex is painful the first time, is it still enjoyable like even though there's pain?

yeah should be! 

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Anonymous asked: Have you had a nose job?

lol no wtf 

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Anonymous asked: What's horse riding?

r u for real 

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Anonymous asked: You are definitely not supposed to bleed you're first time. There's no such thing as "popping your cherry."

not everyone bleeds but most people do. it can be a very small amount of a large amount. It can be from fingering for the first time or from sex, some people break it through sport, its common that horse riding pops your cherry. From my experience and from friends experience our cherry did pop through sex or fingering so pretty sure im not making shit up aha I suggest you google it

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Anonymous asked: How do you get boyfriend? Is it a bad thing I'm 16 and never had a boyfriend? Is it nice to have a boyfriend?

you don’t get one its just like when you meet someone nice and you both like each other and want to be in a relationship, no its not bad at all and yeah :)

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Anonymous asked: How do you know if your cherry popped, can you feel it when it pops or do you not feel it? Can you really feel it when it breaks or how does it feel?x

You usually bleed x

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