Anonymous said: Is it normal to orgasm in your sleep? Because the first time I did I had no idea what was going on and I was 7... Now I'm 15 and it's happened like 10 times

you’re the chosen one. 

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Anonymous said: Is it impossible to keep a high school relationship going without sex or bjs or anything sexual except making out?

yeah if that’s what you both want and both respect each other 

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Anonymous said: I'm super embarrassed to ask this but whatever. So I have this problem where I guess I'm just really wet all the time (like it's gotten to the point where I need to wear pads everyday) is there something wrong with my body? Or is there a way to stop it?

maybe tell a doctor just to make sure everything is ok x 

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Anonymous said: So I'm a 14y girl. I really like this guy and I think he may like me back. We flirt every time we see each other but I'm afraid to go any further with him. Apparently I'm "pretty" and "hot". I'm depressed and I cut. I really like this guy but do u think he'll want me if he found out that I cut? Will it change anything? Please help me

you need to sort out your cutting… that’s truly awful. Don’t say it as though it’s just something that might put a guy off you. That’s really awful, you need to tell a family member or a teacher you trust and get counseling or CBT. Please go and ask for help x 

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Anonymous said: Can you get pregnant by swallowing ur boyfriends cum?

yes and then you give birth through your mouth 


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Anonymous said: I think i like my guy bestfriend. Im a girl and tbh he isnt all that physically attractive but we talk about everything together literally everything. Hes never said that he likes me in that way but we both agree were the only people we tell everything to and we mess about a lot. Whattt should ii doooo

its hard to differentiate between loving your best friend in a friend way and actually having feelings for them I think. Play it out, time will tell if you guys are meant to be together I guess. look for signals that he could like you x 

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Anonymous said: ok i know this may sound weird so sorry about that. i'm 13 and my boyfriend was on vacation in colorado and he broke both of his arms. my parents are kinda protective but they're ok with him coming over to my house, us making out and stuff like that. i feel kind of awkward because he's just getting back and i want to ask him to come over and i want to kiss him but i'm afraid he's not going to want to come or he won't be able to hold me when we kiss & cuddle & i'm scared i'm gonna hurt his arms.

breaking both of his arms he must be going through a hard enough time as it is, just be there as much as you can for him, ask him to come over and just be gentle, it will be fine, acting like nothing has happened would probably be the best for him and you :) 

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Anonymous said: Wtf is your problem, have u not gotten any "D" in awhile? Cause u really need to loosen up..

if this is about the past few answers, it was my flat mate on my tumblr. Sorry. Slighty harsh but pretty funny replies, maybe you need to loosen up and get some D? 

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Anonymous said: Can you precisely describe how to kiss with tongue?

With your tongue

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