Anonymous said: Hi. First of all just wanted to say I love your blog. I have a questions. I feel really awkward talking about this but oh well. So I've been dating this guy for a little over 5 months. We've made out a lot. But he hasn't touched me in that way. Like my butt or boobs. I'm happy he doesn't, but then when it comes to the time that I'm turned on I want him to he still doesn't. Should I just tell him or wait until he does it himself? I feel like he doesn't want to cause I'm still a virgen. But Idk

maybe be more touchy feely with him? maybe he is waiting for you to tell him you want more x 

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Anonymous said: Is boob grabbing normal? While making out

Yea if the girl likes it! x 

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Anonymous said: im 16 years old, and i have an 18 year old boyfriend, honestly, im a super horny girl ahahahahaaha and im desperate to have sex with him. but im soooooooo scared of getting pregnant! i dont know what to do, i though about being on birth control and using a condom. And i know the probabilty of getting pregnant in verryy small. please tell me your opinion. thankyouuuuu

go to a sexual health clinic and discuss your options with a professional. There are many options, such as condoms, the pill (theres a lot not just one) the injection, the implant and a coil.Find the one that suits you best, don’t have unprotected sex because the probability of getting pregnant isn’t small! xx 

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Anonymous said: I got fingered for the first time and now I'm red and sore "down there" what does this mean? X


good finger bangin’ 

jks jks, its pretty normal just ask the guy next time to be more gentle x 

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Anonymous said: I've been going through a period of my life where I shut out all feelings and emotions for boys. The one person who has broken through my wall recently is a freshman, and I'm a senior. Everything about him is perfect, but the thought of dating someone that much younger makes me feel uncomfortable

I don’t know american school terms but erm, if it feels perfect then don’t fight it, age is just a number at the end of they day as long as you both feel ok and it’s all legal etc idk?? x

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Anonymous said: Is it normal to orgasm in your sleep? Because the first time I did I had no idea what was going on and I was 7... Now I'm 15 and it's happened like 10 times

you’re the chosen one. 

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Anonymous said: Is it impossible to keep a high school relationship going without sex or bjs or anything sexual except making out?

yeah if that’s what you both want and both respect each other 

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Anonymous said: I'm super embarrassed to ask this but whatever. So I have this problem where I guess I'm just really wet all the time (like it's gotten to the point where I need to wear pads everyday) is there something wrong with my body? Or is there a way to stop it?

maybe tell a doctor just to make sure everything is ok x 

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Anonymous said: So I'm a 14y girl. I really like this guy and I think he may like me back. We flirt every time we see each other but I'm afraid to go any further with him. Apparently I'm "pretty" and "hot". I'm depressed and I cut. I really like this guy but do u think he'll want me if he found out that I cut? Will it change anything? Please help me

you need to sort out your cutting… that’s truly awful. Don’t say it as though it’s just something that might put a guy off you. That’s really awful, you need to tell a family member or a teacher you trust and get counseling or CBT. Please go and ask for help x 

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