thought I’d give tumblr a selfie it’s been a while 

Anonymous asked: My boyfriend finger ed me for like 10 min straight is that considered losing my virginity when I go to the ginocologist?

I’d say losing your virginity is  by having sex so no 

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Anonymous asked: I'm a girl and when I masterbate, I watch porn. I feel like that's weird because apparently it's unnatural (or something?) for a girl to watch porn. Do you think that's strange in any way?

Nope its perfectly normal! Most girls do it but they just lie and say they don’t :p Personally I think we need to break down this barrier of girls being ashamed of watching porn and we should all be more open about it. 

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Anonymous asked: I don't know what to do..I'm in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend & I'm a freshman & he's a senior except I lied about my age & told him I'm 16 but really I'm 14 & he's about to turn 18. I'm scared to tell him & what might happen, do you think it'll matter? I feel like he'll forget about me when he goes to college & find someone his own age..

You definitely need to tell him about your age. It’s not fair to lie

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Anonymous asked: ok so obviously i've heard it hurts when you lose your virginity but do you bleed? or did you bleed your first time?

not everyone does no just some people and personally i did from being fingered for the first time, so then sex i didn’t bleed 

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Anonymous asked: help me please! I would like to meet with a boy but I'm always so fast red and makes me feel uncomfortable and so I do not know what to do. can you please help me. I hate it

meditate and get all chilled and relax before the meet and breathe really slowly and chill and listen to calm music before etc JUST STAY CHILLED 

and wear foundation if it makes you feel better

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Anonymous asked: I'm 14 and I masturbate by rubbing my clit and fingering myself. One time I thought I was alone but my mom(my mom was at the store when I've started) came in my room and threw the blanket off me. She saw what I was doing. What do I do to avoid that?

do it when no one is in? 

or in the shower or something 

or make her accept it lol idk??

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Anonymous asked: um this is a really awkward question lol but how do you know where to finger yourself? like where is the "hole"? or is it just the whole general clit area aha sorry i'm new to it

the clit is like the bit at the top that you rub which is a kinda hood, you finger yourself in the vagina hole, so basically the only hole it will really go in. Not the bum basically! Unless you like that as well! It’s not hard to find aha, its the hole you would put a tampon in x 

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Anonymous asked: i know this sounds really dumb aha but i've never had sex and i was wondering what missionary is? x

basic sex position most people do, guy on top :) x 

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Anonymous asked: ok... So this might sound awkward, but I feel like I need to ask it. I am SUPER tight and it hurts really bad to get fingered. How can I fix this?

lube hun x 

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Anonymous asked: ~help me. I guy kissed me and he was drunk and i thought it was a weird kiss but i thought he was just drunk. But than anothed guy kissed me and than we make out and it was the same. Kiss is not so special for me.. idk whats wrong w/ me, help?

kissing a random person compared to kissing someone you have feelings for and care for feels very different. Kissing randomers might not feel good because… you don’t like them? x 

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Anonymous asked: I'm 14 and I'm not in a relationship with this guy but we sneak away from class and kiss in empty classrooms and stuff but he wants to take it further. (Fingering) I get nervous when we kiss and I think I'll freak out a bit if he fingers me. Plus I think I'm ready but I'm not sure. Should I let him. Or wait for the right guy? There is a place out of school that he wants to go so we can do more but I always bail because I'm so nervous. Help?

if you don’t feel right, don’t do it!!

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Anonymous asked: Can we tell you confessions ?

um if you like x 

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Anonymous asked: How do I orgasm with him? I have no trouble doing it myself, and what he does is the same as what I do but I can't seem to orgasm with him??

you need to get him to turn you on more, like whatever it is you enjoy maybe kissing or massages or neck biting or ear nibbles, get him to tease you like maybe touch everywhere except there… get him to do it really light and slowly so you want it more, try shit like dat xx 

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