Anonymous asked: What's good things to grind on if your single and loner? Like me :(

your mums kitchen table x 

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Anonymous asked: How do you feel 'bout a girl watching porn. Cause actually in here, guys don't like the idea of it. And it makes me wonder about sexism, because for them, a guy watching it is normal but for a girl watching it, it's a big issue to talk about. Haha. Anyway, thanks if you'll ever answer this. :)


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Anonymous asked: Hey, so I am with my boyfriend for 3 months now and everything is fine except that i cant cume when he fingeres me, I feel bad but i literly pretend to have an orgasm every single time. I once talked to him but it didn't become that much better. You are gonna say that i need to tell him what i like and stuff but actually i am scared that he thinks that he is so bad or that i dont like it at all and i dont even know how to start such a conversation.. please help me, love ur blog btw (:

you’ve got to tell him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHH!!!

be nice, say you enjoy it but gently suggest trying something else (whatever you like) 

it will be better for both of you! if you couldn’t make him cum you’d want him to tell you how to improve, so do the right thing! x

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Anonymous asked: Two questions where your hands go when kissing and guy eating you out? Thank you! Best blog on tumblr!

its up to you! whatever feels comfortable! just go with the flow. Personally i like to hold the guys face when i kiss and i have my hands on a guys head when he goes down on me x 

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Anonymous asked: hi, i'm 14 years old and female. any time i masturbate i don't feel anything?? it just feels awkward? i mean i get horny, but like. i cant feel anything pleasing about masturbation.

try watching porn, then trying rubbing your clit, fingering and maybe even buy a dildo if you want, see what feels good, just experiment x 

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Anonymous asked: Where's good spots to finger yourself and let him eat you out what do you do telling him he's doing it right from wrong?

Erm personally i’ll let them start and be like, go faster or slower / harder or lighter depending on what i think feels good x 

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Anonymous asked: Hi. First of all just wanted to say I love your blog. I have a questions. I feel really awkward talking about this but oh well. So I've been dating this guy for a little over 5 months. We've made out a lot. But he hasn't touched me in that way. Like my butt or boobs. I'm happy he doesn't, but then when it comes to the time that I'm turned on I want him to he still doesn't. Should I just tell him or wait until he does it himself? I feel like he doesn't want to cause I'm still a virgen. But Idk

maybe be more touchy feely with him? maybe he is waiting for you to tell him you want more x 

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Anonymous asked: Is boob grabbing normal? While making out

Yea if the girl likes it! x 

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Anonymous asked: im 16 years old, and i have an 18 year old boyfriend, honestly, im a super horny girl ahahahahaaha and im desperate to have sex with him. but im soooooooo scared of getting pregnant! i dont know what to do, i though about being on birth control and using a condom. And i know the probabilty of getting pregnant in verryy small. please tell me your opinion. thankyouuuuu

go to a sexual health clinic and discuss your options with a professional. There are many options, such as condoms, the pill (theres a lot not just one) the injection, the implant and a coil.Find the one that suits you best, don’t have unprotected sex because the probability of getting pregnant isn’t small! xx 

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Anonymous asked: I got fingered for the first time and now I'm red and sore "down there" what does this mean? X


good finger bangin’ 

jks jks, its pretty normal just ask the guy next time to be more gentle x 

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Anonymous asked: I've been going through a period of my life where I shut out all feelings and emotions for boys. The one person who has broken through my wall recently is a freshman, and I'm a senior. Everything about him is perfect, but the thought of dating someone that much younger makes me feel uncomfortable

I don’t know american school terms but erm, if it feels perfect then don’t fight it, age is just a number at the end of they day as long as you both feel ok and it’s all legal etc idk?? x

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